How to Use Apparel to Build Your Brand

Ask any consumer about marketing and they will tell you this, they are tired of being marketed to. Think about how much intentional marketing you see each day—ads on web searches, emails, texts, magazines, YouTube videos on Facebook, etc. Technology has given businesses some great new ways to grow a brand, but some of the more “old school” ways continue to deliver consistent brand placement, client loyalty, and prospect attraction. One of those ways is branded apparel.


Think about the last time you went to the movies, the mall, or even a community basketball game. What were people wearing? No doubt there were plenty Nike hats, Carhartt jackets, and North Face fleeces out and about. You also probably saw band t-shirts, sports team apparel, and even people wearing Star Wars and Marvel merchandise. People love to show brand loyalty.


Breweries know this—that’s why they do big business in apparel and hats. Loyal customers love to show allegiance to their favorite breweries and talk about them to anyone they meet. It makes them feel a part of the brand’s community or otherwise known as a brand’s “tribe”.


Wouldn’t you like that to be you? Well, it can be!


Here are a few ways branded apparel can grow your brand and you can tap this important marketing channel.


It’s a Walking Advertisement

Loyal customers, employees, and stakeholders can impact your business by wearing your company’s cleverly branded t-shirt out to brunch, the movies, the gym, or anywhere else they may go. It’s literally a walking advertisement.


Think of all the places you go on a typical Saturday—that’s a lot of placement! Where does your ideal demographic go? Be there and get free advertising all day. Even better, take a picture in your duds and add it to social media and ask others where they wear their “swag.” It not only gives you additional brand placement but also engages your customers and gets them in on the fun as well!


It’s a Conversation Starter

By wearing branded apparel, people who are interested in the company, brewery, coffee shop, etc are more likely to ask about it. Even better, they can ask your loyal customers about your services and get recommendations first-hand. These people are your influencers—they are inviting other people to discover your brand completely of their own resolve. This network of influencers are your marketing magic makers; they are working for you totally free, completely unbiased, and in a very authentic way. They just want to spread the love!


Always on their Mind

Like the dentist with their name on your toothbrush, they are always on your mind. Every time customers wear your apparel they are reminded of you and your services, and to take it further if they need your services soon.


It can also jog a customer’s memory—for example, if a friend mentioned needing a new landscaper for a spring project, seeing your apparel can remind your customer to send their friend your name.


Attract Like-Minded Talent

Branded apparel is not only used to sell a product or service, but it can also sell your company. Quality branded apparel gives anyone who sees it an idea of your company culture. This can attract new, exciting talent to your business. Don’t believe me? Your brand spreads your message, and if people, specifically talented people looking for the next step in their career, identify with it, they’ll pursue you! A company’s culture is quickly rising to the top of reasons why an eager workforce will join a particular company, even over the compensation.


While branded apparel may seem like an old-fashioned choice, consider just how often apparel is the vehicle for serious brand building. Whether you are looking for new clients, building a network of influencers, or trying to make a name for yourself in your niche, branded apparel is the way to go. Contact us here to get started!



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