Screen Printing Festivals and Non Profits

Screen-Printed Apparel Drives Donations

It’s no secret that non-profit organizations rely on the generosity of others to do their good work. However, many non-profits have noticed that supporters enjoy supporting their organization proudly while they shop at the market, workout in the gym, or just hang out at home. Clothing and accessories have been a staple for non-profit fundraising and branding. Many non-profits drive donations with fun, inspiring screen-printed apparel because it appeals to supporters. Fun is the key word here! Consider these options and experiences as you build your next fundraising campaign:


Branded Apparel
Remember those yellow wristbands (admit it, you had several)? You immediately think Livestrong. When you see “pink,” what do you think of? Of course, breast cancer awareness. Branded apparel, that is, apparel with your unique logo, color scheme, or mission is a great way for people to show off their support. It is also a perfect way to create a following for your mission. Branded apparel is a classic piece of the fundraising equation because they allow a non-profit to “communicate with their target audience at a much more personal level.” And in this case, personal interaction is key to continued support.


Message and Quote Shirts
While branded apparel is a classic approach to fundraising, more non-profits are embracing an increasingly diverse strategy when choosing designs for their apparel. Shirts with catchy phrases and motivational quotes are catching fire and spurring big sales. In a study done by Hanes, it was found that these “message tees” are especially ideal for the clubs and associations. Need some ideas to get your creativity flowing? The Equality Institute’s apparel features catchy slogans any feminist would love to wear including, “Feminism is Freedom.” This is My Brave carries merchandise with the empowering slogan, “Storytelling Saves Lives.” Other non-profits choose motivating and inspirational quotes from leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and Maya Angelou. Still, others choose to support their charity through cheeky messages like the famous, “Save the TaTas” t-shirts to raise donations for breast cancer research and prevention. Creative message and quote shirts are creating a wider market for non-profit fundraising.


But Does It Work?
Let’s take a look at the Boston Strong case, which developed from the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013. Not only did fundraisers raise over one million dollars for One Fund Boston, but they also influenced a movement that inspired the nation. Charlottesville also united and helped its community with its “Love is Love” message t-shirt, which created needed revenue that was donated to the NAACP and PRIDE chapters in Charlottesville.

Screen-printed apparel is not only ideal for driving donations, but it also has a long-lasting effect on your non-profit. Current supporters will be reminded of your organization every time they wear their apparel. It may remind them to sign up to volunteer, donate, or buy a shirt for a friend. Every shirt is also a walking billboard for your cause, generating more organic buzz as well as attracting new donors to your door.

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